Recover Your Hacked Website Fast
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Your website works for you 24 hours a day unless it's been hacked. Then your website is working for somebody else!  Getting your site hacked is a big deal and it can be fairly complex to clean it up. That’s where we come in ... we have the expertise to get your website back under your control! Call us and ask for the Hack Recovery service.

Here's what we do ...

  • clean the infection and have your site back to normal in as little as one day,
  • notify the search engines that your site is clean and ready to be indexed,
  • put into place best practice security measures to keep your site safe,
  • and monitor your site for malware for one year

We'll need your WordPress and hosting control panel login credentials to get started.



How can you tell if your site has been hacked?

  • your homepage is defaced

  • your site redirects to someone else’s site, likely a porn or pharmaceuticals site

  • Google or Bing notifies you that your site has been compromised

  • the Firefox or Chrome web browser indicates that your site may be compromised

  • you notice strange traffic in your web logs such as unexplained big spikes in traffic, especially from other countries

How can hackers get in?

  • by guessing your password [image]

  • by using malware on your local machine to capture your login credentials

    • that’s why a good up-to-date antivirus program is essential

  • by finding a security vulnerability in the WordPress software and plugins

    • that’s why it’s important to update all core WordPress software and plugins

    • note - being open-source means that whenever a security vulnerability is patched and an update is made available they publish all the changes made to a changelog. Here’s an example from a popular plugin:

  • by hacking someone else’s site that resides on the same shared server

    • getting hacked because of someone else's site on the same server is a good reason to avoid cheap hosting providers, they don’t always have the best security practices and you often have bad neighbors