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design or redesign, additional functionality, and hosting

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phone: 512 - 217- 0099
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What people are saying ...

It's a deeper, more complicated web out there. That may sound cliche, but just try setting up a legitimate business website by yourself these days. It's a time intensive iffy proposition, and then you still have no idea if it's really working.

Enter Carol Cody.

Remember back in the day when people actually cared about customer service and went the extra distance to take care of you? That's just how Carol rolls. No only is she a technical expert, and will get you solidly in the game on the web, she cares - she'll take the time to explain, to offer options, to see you succeed. That is rare - amazing customer service and technical agility! I cannot thank Carol enough for how she has supported our business with its on line presence. No need to shop around, if you've found Carol, you're exactly where you need to be.

K. Solomon Masala
Principal, Source Consulting Group
Corporate and Community Development