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providing solutions with wordpress

Carol Cody WordPress Solutions

Struggling with your online presence?
We're here to help!


Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your website with our management services --- updates, backups, security, analytics, and reporting are included.



Together we'll build a conversion focused website to turn more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients!

And more...

Hack recovery, list building, security certificate installation, HTTPS, etc...


When you host with us you get a performance optimized server with added backup, security, and monitoring by a WordPress expert.


Want to take your site beyond "out of the box" WordPress? Let's create something together!


WordPress 101 Videos 

Easy to follow videos show you the basics of WordPress.

Are you more of a "Do It Yourself-er" and want to create your own website? Then these are the resources for you!

Do It Yourself Website Creation Checklist

Website Creation Checklist

When creating a brand new website for themselves, many business owners get confused with various components, not knowing what web pages should be included (and what pages are not necessary) for the site to be effective. This easy-to-follow checklist will help you understand the essential elements of a website so that you can build a website that attracts clients in the most efficient way.

WCW Roadmap

The Essential Website Road Map for Non-Techies

This document is designed to help business owners to get started with creating a new website on the right foot. Many people start building a website without enough planning, causing the entire process to take longer and leaving them feeling frustrated. By going through this website road map and watching the training video, they will have a much clearer idea on what needs to be done before actually building a website in the most effective way possible.

What are people saying?


It's a deeper, more complicated web out there.

K. Solomon Masala , Principal, Source Consulting Group

That may sound cliche, but just try setting up a legitimate business website by yourself these days. It's a time-intensive iffy proposition, and then you still have no idea if it's really working.

Enter Carol Cody.

Remember back in the day when people actually cared about customer service and went the extra distance to take care of you? That's just how Carol rolls. Not only is she a technical expert, and will get you solidly in the game on the web, she cares - she'll take the time to explain, to offer options, to see you succeed. That is rare - amazing customer service and technical agility! I cannot thank Carol enough for how she has supported our business with its online presence. No need to shop around, if you've found Carol, you're exactly where you need to be.

Who is Carol Cody?

A WordPress developer you can count on!

Carol is your personal web guru, providing customized service to make your website work for you.

Contact me for all your WordPress Management, Hosting, Design, Development, and other services. Consultations are always complimentary.  

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