Have you ever wanted to share your web page on Facebook? 

I do it like this...


On Facebook, copy and paste your link into the "What's on your mind?" or "Write a post..." box.

Simple, right?


The link pulls in the title, image and snippet that was setup when the page was created...hopefully.

Neat, huh?

If not, the information can be added at any time. (I use the Yoast SEO plugin to create the sharing information.)

If you don't provide the information (called metadata) then Google will try to find a relevant part of your post to show in the search results. Yikes!


The title of the article you are sharing is linked, so there is no need for an link above it. You can simply delete the link before sharing your post.

Deleting the link after the information populates will not delete the information; instead, it lets you share your webpage without the clutter of a link.

About the Author Carol Cody

Carol Cody is your personal web guru, providing customized service to make your website work for you. A WordPress developer you can count on! Contact me for all your WordPress Management, Hosting, Design, Development, and other services.

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