When Carol Cody WordPress Solutions manages your website you get...

  • Free Setup - Custom maintenance and backup plugins (installed and configured), analytics tracking, and webmaster tools.
  • WordPress Backup - The entire WordPress installation is backed up. Widgets, themes, plugins, files and SQL database - the entire package.
  • Security - As in all sites open to the public, WordPress has specific security vulnerabilities. The security measures harden those vulnerabilities and help to prevent hacks, security breaches, malware and more.
  • Updates - WordPress, plugins, & themes are continually being updated to add functionality and fix security problems. 
  • Server Checks - A server check offers a comprehensive overview of the software processes running on your server. This information is extremely helpful for troubleshooting or for comparing your current server configurations to current recommendations.
  • Malware Scan - Powered by Sucuri, the malware scan identifies all types of malware, SPAM injections, website errors, disabled sites, database connection issues and code anomalies that require special attention.
  • Basic Analytics Report - The analytics report will show how many people visited your website, what pages they visited, how long did they stay, and where they came from. This information is necessary to find out what works and what doesn’t on your site.
  • Report & Recommendations - A detailed monthly site management report will be generated and recommendations given. By combining your site goals with the analytic data you can make better decisions about where to focus your attention. We might work on additional functionality for your site, marketing campaigns, search engine and server optimization, designing to enhancing the user experience ... anything your WordPress site needs.
  • Ongoing Hourly Rate - All management services are billed monthly with the delivery of the maintenance and analytics report. Any additional work will be billed at the management discounted rate. You can cancel at any time.

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